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Online-Training: SMED - Setup time optimisation

SMED Online-Training

During the development of Lean Production the optimisation and minimisation of setup times became an important tool to recognise flowing processes with high variance.

In today´s industrialised life the goal of „zero setup time” is an important component in achieving a continuous improvement process. Short setup times are preconditions for frequent product changes and enable a flexible organisation with a production oriented to the customers` requirements. This eliminates many types of waste, such as overproduction and inventory. The setup time optimisation is the main factor in one-piece-flow-, just-in-time- and just-in-sequence-production.

Target Audience

General Managers, plant managers, managers and specialists from production, production-related areas.


  • You know how to reduce setup time utilising the know-how of the employees
  • You understand the basics of SMED
  • You can implement setup time optimisations

Training Contents

  1. Introduction: „About change“
  2. Basic SMED – setup time optimisation
  3. Focus on types of waste – basic strategy of process improvement
  4. Realising that setting up is not value-adding but wasteful!
  5. Reasons to optimise setup time
  6. Correlation between setup time and lot size
  7. Determining the actual status of the setup time
  8. Optimising setup time

Optimisation of setup-time: 8 steps to setup time „zero“:

  1. Setup time – actual status
  2. Classification of activities
  3. Elimination of waste
  4. Relocate actions to external setup
  5. Minimise internal setup
  6. Minimise external setup
  7. Creation of standards
  8. Continuous improvement – CIP

These 8 steps will allow you to reduce the setup time from hours to minutes and seconds.


Online lecture, practical exercises/simulation and case studies, group work, discussion and exchange of experiences


At the end you will receive a certificate of successful participation in the training “SMED – Setup time optimisation”.

Seminar duration:
4 seminar days / 12 lessons in total
No dates available at this moment
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